Royal fans on tenterhooks as Kate to release adorable new Prince George picture TODAY _Check

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A royal fan favourite tradition is the release of new pictures of the monarchy’s youngest on their birthdays.
Prince George recently captured the nation’s hearts in his appearance at Wimbledon, where he could be seen avidly watching the clutch final match between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios. With his ninth birthday tomorrow, a brand new picture of the young Prince is sure to be released – and fans can hardly contain their excitement.

Sharing a video of an ecstatic Prince George when he saw his favourite footie team Aston Villa score against Norwich in 2019, Twitter user @loveforcambridg said: “We are all like Prince George on this great video when we realise that we will have one or more new pictures of him tomorrow to mark his 9th birthday on Friday.
“I’m so excited to see our little man again and to celebrate him.”
@judithin77 added: “He has certainly grown up so quickly bless him”.
@gigiwilmont felt that George’s grandmother Princess Diana would have been proud of her grandson.

The Twitter user said: “The Cambridges truly are the epitome of Diana’s legacy. I’m sure she’s beaming with pride. All she would have wanted was to see her family happy and thriving”.
@sapphire_wease added: “I’m excited. He’s such a handsome little guy! I just hope he doesn’t feel the burden of his future yet.”
Meanwhile, Royal fan @cambridgecrown shared their favourite pictures of the young Prince throughout the years, highlighting how the country has been able to watch him grow up.

The fan said: “Prince George as a baby was the cutest. I can’t believe he’s turning 9 tomorrow.”
Meanwhile, in a cheeky reference to the Duchess of Cambridge’s new hobby, @carrolmcdonald said: “I bet Catherine won’t let us down with her amazing photography skills either!”
A behind-the-scenes shot recently caught Kate snapping a pic of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall for Country Life magazine. George’s mum is also thought to be behind some of the previous portraits of her children – taking beautiful pictures of George’s siblings Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4.

Prince George fans on tenterhooks as Kate to release adorable new picture TODAY

Third in line to the throne, George gave his fans plenty to rave about at his appearance at Wimbledon. The young royal was seen hiding his face, laughing and wincing as he watched the action unfold on the pitch.
He also shared thoughts with his father Prince William during the game, as he sat between his parents. Meanwhile when he appeared at the Platinum Jubilee, commentators observed how Prince George matched his father’s posture and mannerisms.
Be sure to check back this evening for the reveal of the latest pictures of the prince.

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