Harry accepted Camilla as stepmother – but relationship has evolved

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The Duke of Sussex was “happy to accept” Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as his stepmother when she and Prince Charles tied the knot 17 years ago. However, Prince Harry no longer has “warmth” towards his father’s wife and is “not interested in developing a relationship” with her, claims a royal expert.
His feelings towards Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have been discussed widely in recent years, with many reports suggesting that he does not get along with his stepmother. Now, a royal expert has said Harry once “embraced” Camilla.

Speaking on this week’s episode of Pod Save The Queen, Ingrid Seward — author of ‘William & Harry’ — explained that Harry initially “accepted” his new stepmother, but later lost “warmth” towards her. Ms Seward said: “I think when she [Camilla] became a step-mum, they [William and Harry] were very happy to embrace her because most of their friends’ parents were divorced and had remarried, so it wasn’t an unusual thing to happen. “I think they really embraced Camilla. I think then it went off the boil a bit.” She continued: “I don’t think Harry has a great deal of warmth towards her; he waxes and wains with her.
I think Harry was quite happy to accept Camilla in the beginning and then went off the boil about her. “I don’t think he holds her in great respect.”

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