Salma Hayek flicked out bra and stuns in see-through after opening her shirt to dazzle everyone.. – check

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The actress’ voluptuous shape took centre-stage as she posed in a mirror for a very daring photo. Revealing her “stolen moment” with her 3.7 million Instagram followers, the 50-year-old was pictured totally topless.



With her eyes closed and looking up, Salma’s thick dark tresses protected her modesty, but only until you spotted her reflection.

Holding her phone up, the film star’s naked back could clearly be seen as she stood with what appeared to be her dress pulled down.

“When the party is over… cuando se acaba la fiesta… #night #fiesta #stolenmoment,” Salma captioned it.

Salma Hayek topless mirror selfie Instagram age movies


Many replied to her eye-popping offering, complimenting her on her scantily-clad figure, with one user posting simply: “Fabulous!”

Two others cheekily agreed: “Bl**dy nora, who’s that topless bird in the background stealing Salma’s thunder?” and: ““Next time turn around lol.”
Salma has been keeping a low profile of late however last month she stepped out in a racy lace bustier.

Salma Hayek topless mirror selfie Instagram age movies


The Mexican-American certainly would have given onlookers an eyeful as she paraded her killer curves in a sexy black ensemble.

Shunning floor-length gowns that have recently graced the French Riviera, Salma opted for a smoking hot twist on a classic black pantsuit at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

Salma Hayek topless mirror selfie Instagram age movies

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