Kaley Cuoco Wears Nothing but an Oversized Shirt while pregnant in New Vacation Pics

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what a vacation

Is it me, or does it feel like everyone is pregnant these days?

This week alone, Blake Lively shared a tongue-in-cheek Instagram about her maternity workout routine, Keke Palmer got vulnerable on main while sharing pics from her babymoon, and now Kaley Cuoco is posting pics that spotlight her own pregnant belly. Calling it now, the Nepo Baby Class of ’41 is gonna be lit.

On Thursday, January 5, Cuoco shared some Polaroid snaps of her and boyfriend Tom Pelphrey’s recent tropical vacation. In the first photo, Cuoco wears nothing but an oversize blue striped shirt, which is unbuttoned to show off her growing bump. The 37-year-old captioned the photo with four apt emoji: “????️ ♥️ ???????? ????”


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Cuoco had previously opened up about experiencing morning sickness during the first trimester of her pregnancy. After announcing she was expecting a baby girl back in October, the Big Bang Theory actor posted a photo of herself and her body double Monette Moio to her Instagram Stories, writing that Moio “had to take care of me” while they filmed Cuoco’s last project.

“Remember that time we shot an action film while I was pregnant and horribly sick and you had to take care of me and be me and do all the things as non pregnant me?!” Kaley Cuoco wrote in the Story.

Pregnant Kaley Cuoco Wears Nothing but an Oversized Shirt in New Vacation Pics

More recently the actor has been sharing all of the baby onesies she’s received as gifts. The most recent, which she shared on her Stories, reads, “I’m adorable. Mom’s beautiful. Daddy did good.” Say what you will about cheesy baby clothes, at least this one is accurate!


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