Kelly Clarkson resolves dispute with Troye Sivan over call-out song lyrics mentioned… CHECK

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Kelly Clarkson promises Troye Sivan ‘We’re not in a fight after he thought she called him out in new song

“First of all, I’m sorry to be meeting this way with a fight, you know what I mean?”
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Kelly Clarkson and Troye Sivan’s hilarious internet beef has officially been squashed.

Last week, Sivan posted a TikTok in which he asked his followers to help him figure out what he did to “upset Kelly Clarkson.” To further prove his point, he shared a clip from one of Clarkson’s recent performances of her new single “Mine,” in which it sounds like she sings the (incorrect) lyrics: “Troye Sivan / Who the hell do you think you are?”

Well, Clarkson saw Sivan’s TikTok and was quick to set the record straight on Friday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.


“So I recently dropped a couple songs off my upcoming album Chemistry and I’m super excited about it, but this is my favorite thing to happen since I released it,” she said. “Apparently,Mine    Australian singer Troye Sivan thought I was calling him out in my song ‘Mine.'”

Clarkson explained that she “died” after seeing Sivan’s video and that it had become “hands down, my favorite thing that’s ever happened with releasing a song.”

“I cannot not think of him when I sing this song now,” she continued. “To be clear, I did not sing his name. I don’t know why it sounds like that, but the line is, ‘Your choice of art.’ And I guess it’s just so high, right? I don’t know.”

Rather than let any potential hurt feelings linger, the “Because Of You” singer decided to invite Sivan to the show “to clear things up” and apologize for “the mix-up.”

On his end, Sivan appeared to be similarly apologetic about the fictional feud. “First of all, I’m sorry to be meeting this way with a fight, you know what I mean?” he began, which made Clarkson burst out laughing. “‘Cause I love you so much and I have for so long.”

Troye Sivan and Kelly Clarkson
Troye Sivan and Kelly Clarkson

He explained that he discovered the unintentional diss after a friend texted him the video and demanded to know exactly what he had done to piss off Clarkson. “Immediately, I had the same reaction, I was like belly laughing because it’s so scary!” Sivan said. “You’re so sincere when you sing it as well that I was like, ‘Oh my god, what did I do?'”

Troye Sivan 'Ready to Fight' Kelly Clarkson Over New Song 'Mine'

Since hearing Sivan’s incorrect lyrics, Clarkson said that he’s become a permanent fixture in her head whenever that lyric pops up. “I played a show the other night playing my whole record and right when it comes, I can’t  think of you,” she said. “Then I have to be like, ‘Don’t laugh. It’s not a funny part emotionally.’ It’s the funniest thing ever.”

“Thank you so much, Troye, that brought me so much joy,” she concluded. “I promise we’re cool. We’re not in a fight.”

Watch Clarkson and Sivan mend their lyric mix-up in the clip above.


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