Kaley Cuoco and Herny Cavil. Why did she break up with him?. VIEW MORE

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Los Angeles: Actress Kaley Cuoco was reportedly overwhelmed by her relationship with actor Henry Cavill and it was difficult for her to deal with the non-stop attention.

Cavill and Cuoco split up last month following a brief romance and friends of the 27-year-old actress said the relationship was difficult for her, reports contactmusic.com.

Why Kaley Cuoco broke up with Henry Cavill

“She just got overwhelmed with the very public Superman relationship. She’s not used to that much attention and chaos in her life,” a source told OK! Magazine.

The Big Bang Theory actress has now moved on to tennis player Ryan Sweeting and is much happier with this low-key romance.

“She thinks Ryan’s really hot and a nice guy. It’s nice that he’s not really an industry guy,” added the source.

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