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Kaley Cuoco just shared a hairlarious tutorial.

The Flight Attendant actress revealed she loves trying out the latest beauty trends on social media, so much that she recently attempted to replicate a fuss-free look from the Instagram account @makeupface during a girls’ night in with her makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

“I’m obsessed with hairstyle videos and I want to recreate a few,” Kaley said in an Aug. 30 Instagram video. “They make them look so easy.”

Kaley then got into full influencer mode, showing off her styling skills as she wrapped her hair into a half-up ponytail, replicating the first step of the tutorial. She then flipped the top section over to part the bottom half in the center.

The new mom, who welcomed daughter Matilda with Tom Pelphrey in March, then lifted it up into its own ponytail.

When asked how it looked, Jamie kept it real. “There’s some lumpity bumps,” the makeup artist noted of the updo. “Smooth that out.”

Revealing her final look, the Big Bang Theory alum called the whole thing “ridiculous.”

It’s safe to say both Kaley and Jamie aren’t quitting their day jobs, as the makeup artist cheekily captioned her post, “Don’t worry, neither of us are gonna become hairstylists.”

Kaley joked in the comments, “I think I am now an influencer.”

Although the 8 Simple Rules star didn’t nail the updo, she has been recovering from a hand injury.

Earlier this month, her trainer Ryan Sorensen revealed she developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

“Since having her baby @kaleycuoco has been suffering with what’s called Carpal tunnel syndrome, basically numbness and tingling in the hands and arms from a pinched nerve,” Ryan shared in an Aug. 14 Instagram video, “mostly due to holding the baby.”

According to the National Library of Medicine, it’s a health issue commonly associated with pregnancy and nursing.

Due to Kaley’s injury, Ryan noted they altered her fitness routine so that she could still break a sweat but in a safe way.

“So, other than laying off her workouts we just adjust and make them more about lower body and core work,” he added. “Always finding ways to work around these things and most importantly no excuses!”

Kaley Cuoco, Daughter, Matilda, Instagram

Of course, Kaley isn’t the only celeb to tap into the biggest beauty trends taking over social media. Keep scrolling to see what other viral hacks you can replicate.

Dotted Makeup Hack

The dotted hack was one of TikTok’s most useful techniques, as it not only saves time and feels weightless on the skin but doesn’t waste your makeup. Instead of layering foundation, concealer, blush, etc. on top of each other, you simply dot the products in the areas you want them and blend them out from lightest to darkest.

“I’m Cold”

Partly inspired by Kylie Jenner‘s snowy getaway in 2019 as well as the winter season, beauty devotees created the illusion of having flushed cheeks, a Rudolph-red nose and bright under-eyes. The look mimicked the natural flush your skin gets when you’re outside in the wintertime.

Hailey Bieber, Instagram

Glazed Donut Nails

Thanks to Hailey Bieber, having a glossy manicure was the epitome of chic. The model’s affinity for dewy skin and high-shine makeup eventually trickled down to her nails, sparking a glazed donut nail mania. She debuted the shiny claws at the 2022 Met Gala in May, which were painted in a pearlescent white. But throughout the year, Hailey refreshed her glazed donut manicure with a chocolate and holiday version.

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